Engraving costs include;  

-    $.20 per letter & number

-    $3.00 per logo and/or burgee

 -    $4.00 per sailplan

-    $30.00 artwork set-up fee (first time only)

Etching** costs include;

-    $3.00 per logo, burgee, and/or sail plan

-    $30.00 artwork set-up* fee (first time only)

Sublimation** Costs include;

·   $30.00 artwork set-up* fee (first time only)

 Please place your order(s) AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS BEFORE the date you would like the finished products delivered to you. Orders placed with delivery dates within 2 weeks are subject to a $35.00 rush fee. Exact wording for all engraved and/or etched products must be submitted in writing.

* Artwork set-up includes; Logos, burgees, sail plans, imagery

** All letters and numbers are included in the cost of the item to be etched or printed.