Recognizing the accomplishments of seafarers for over 40 years with timeless and traditional keepsakes.

Regatta Awards & Recognition

Eclipse was founded in 1972 specifically for the purpose of supporting competitive sailors and the regattas they compete in.  Yacht clubs, sailing associations and race management companies work closely with Eclipse to ensure the spoils go to the winners and that participants leave with a branded lagniappe.


Regatta, Fleet & Club Apparel

Sailors have long distinguished themselves as fashionistas of the sea. Our sailing team gear doubles as highly functional technical attire and a canvas for designers to create strikingly beautiful off-shore sportswear.  Our nautical casual wear strives to push the fashion boundaries long established by the likes of Popeye, the Navy Midshipmen and Dennis Connor ... to name a few. 

Eclipse has partnered with Doyle Sails New Zealand to introduce and distribute Doyle Apparel to the United States. As an influential and highly acclaimed sail maker, Doyle brings the same progressive thinking and quality workmanship to its apparel line.  

Yacht Club Event Services

Eclipse supports the efforts of those committed to protecting the environment.  Our oceans are littered with plastic and we'd like to sail on cleaner seas. So, we make every effort to use goods that will never find their way to the oceans. We strive to work with companies who have a well established eco-friendly workplace as well as companies seeking to become more environmentally responsible.  

Our event services team will design, plan and co-create carbon-nuetral social events for your yacht club's next sailing event.